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Mission Statement

Our offices in the Los Alamitos, San Pedro, and Whittier areas provide specialist based medical care for medical problems such as asthma ("frequent coughing especially at night and with exercise"), nasal allergies ("hayfever"), atopic dermatitis ("eczema"), food allergy, medication allergy, pruritus ("itching"), urticaria ("hives"), angioedema ("swelling"), anaphylaxis ("severe allergic reactions"), and immunodeficiency ("frequent infections").

We believe that in order to help treat your complex medical problems, it begins with the giving of our time and our undivided attention. In this world of "go, go, go", quality is often sacrificed for the sake of efficiency. However, we believe that the most efficient way to care for our patients is to understand the cause of their problems rather than just address symptoms. We want to give our patients enough time during appointments to tell us about themselves and their conditions, to allow more direct access to a physician, and to provide thorough instruction and education so that each of our patients can understand their diagnosis and specific medical treatment plan.